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Knight tournaments at Sümeg Castle

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Relive our medieval traditions with this historical tournament with castle visit, a delicious medieval feast and a carriage ride in the village.

This great event is organised every day in summer season (between 15th July and 20th August) and from autumn to spring every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a tribute to the border castle heroes.

The knight tournament is held at the foot of Castle Sümeg either in the Knight’s Arena or in the indoor Historical Event Hall, depending on the weather.

Event schedule:

The entertainment program starts with a Spanish Carousel Show. The effortless moves of the Constable’s Andalusian horses in harmony with the music offer unmatchable sight and experience to our guests. Excellent horsemen surprise us with a performance introducing a wide repertoire of the Spanish Riding School.

The Spanish Carousel Show is followed by the Tournament. Major elements of the show were taken from medieval tournaments, such as agility weapon show – archery, battle star-, battle axe throwing and jousting, single combat on the ground and on horseback (using swords, shields, maces, etc.). Participants are dressed in medieval costumes during the entire performance.

After the program is the medieval feast. Guests will enjoy gypsy music during the entire meal, while warriors and mistresses of the castle in medieval dresses serve culinary delicacies. No cutlery is used during the mediaeval feasts according to the traditions of the era.

Castle game and Tournaments with a majestic Feast: 25€/person

Menu: aperitif: scone, peach brandy (“pálinka”), champagne, medieval soup, oven roasted goose thigh, crispy knuckle of pork, roasted flitch of pork with braised fruits, roasted potatoes, pickles, corn pone, home-made strudel, white and red wine, water.

Transport from Budapest: 97 €/person with minimum of 2 people signing up. We can give discount for bigger groups.

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