Golf in Hungary

There are 15 golf courses in Hungry, spread out all over the country. All of them are to the highest standard. Since the weather is hot and sunny between spring and autumn, it is ideal to play golf in this country.

Budapest Golf Club was founded in 1910, and was later renamed the Hungarian Golf Club. Hungarian golf went through a huge development process in the '20s, and played a decisive role in European golf between 1926 and 1936. In 1936, on the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the club, the famous amateur player, Bobby Jones, played in the anniversary tournament at the course.

Dezsõ Lauber - apart from being three-times and all-time champion of Munich (then one of the most prestigious titles in Europe) - was a member of one of the best men's teams, together with Béla Gyurkovich and Jenõ Kovács. Mrs. Szlávy, 19 times Hungarian, 5-times Austrian, and 4-times Czech champion between 1920 and 1947, was proclaimed as the best player in Europe, and was ranked 5th best ladies' player in the world, after winning the German Championship in 1926. Apart from these champions, there were dozens of other successful golf players in Hungary.

Unfortunately, golf too became the subject of political discrimination in Hungary, being considered an undesirable sport, between 1952 and 1970. Agricultural engineer Dr. Ferenc Gáti tried to accomplish the almost impossible after returning from a project abroad in 1974 - he started to organize the rebirth of Hungarian golf.

 In 1979, he founded the Blue Danube Golf Club, and started to build a course at Kisoroszi. Between 1982 and 1989 golf was a section of the Field Hockey Association! Conditions were right for founding the Hungarian Golf Association by 1989, and the first chairman was Dr Ferenc Gáti. The Association inmediately became a member of the European Golf Association and the World Amateur Golf Council (now the International Golf Federation).

The First Hungarian Championship Golf Course is in Bükfürdo, 25 km away from the Austrian border, just 100-km away from Vienna..

Golf in Hungary