Accommodation in Western Transdanubia

Western Transdanubia consists of 3 counties; Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala with Lake Ferto being a UNESCO World Heritage site and Sopron being the most faithful and charming towns in the region. For ideas on what to see and do click the links below, to see our favourite selection of accommodation in the region scroll down and click on the pictures.

The foothills of the Alps, the river Rába, Lake Fertő all provide plenty of opportunities for active recreation: kayaking, canoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling, hunting, riding.

Lake Ferto is the biggest salt lake in Eurasia. The picturesque palace of the Esterházy (Hungary’s Versaille) stands on its shore. Joseph Haydn was employed in this palace as a court composer. The residence of Count István Széchenyi, known as the greatest Hungarian, can be found in the neighbourhood, in Nagycenk. The area of Lake Ferto has rich resources of historical memories shared by Austria and Hungary, which are becoming more and more important today.

If you want to indulge yourself, the towns Bük, Sárvár and Balf are the best known thermal resorts in the region. Or if you are ready for an adrenalin boost why not visit the aquacity in Zalaegerszeg with huge slides and pools.

Sopron is a charming historical town by the Austrian border worth visiting. When Western Hungary was a province of the Roman Empire a city called Scarbantia stood here. Its forum was located where the main square of Sopron can be found today. Koszeg is another beautiful town not far from Sopron.

Győr, where three rivers meet, is the capital city of Western Transdanubia. The Győr-Rába Quelle wellness complex has a range of recreational facilities: jacuzzi, steem cabin, saunas, massages. The Győr Summer International Festival with dance, theatre and folk performances is an excellent event.

Another World Heritage place awaits you at Pannonhalma, south of Győr. The more than 1000-year old Benedictine Abbey houses one of the most valuable Hungarian libraries with around 3,000 volumes including the earliest proofs of written Hungarian. Today it is still an operating monastery. Its boarding school is one of the best schools in Hungary. Wine production looks back to great traditions in the area exploiting the benefits of the favourable climatic and geographical conditions. 









Accommodation in Western Transdanubia