Babolna Arabian stud farm and Tata town tour

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We guarantee that this trip will be a fun-packed day with full of unique activities, available as group or private tour from Budapest.

First stop will be the beautiful baroque town of Tata about 1 hour drive away from Budapest with a leisurely walk on its riverside.

Then you will be able to see the unique Arabian stud farm of Babolna with professional tour guide taking you around the premises, which is included in the price. There is also a possibility of a carriage ride in a pretty arboretum or horse riding with a delicious meal to follow. 

Town of Tata

This charming town is located in the valley between the Gerecse and Vertes Mountains, 70 km north west from the capital city, making it a very adventitious and pretty location.

Tata built around a large lake, with the Esterházy mansion and an old castle with a gallery including a painting of Leonardo da Vinci. It's theatre was built in 1889. The mansion is surrounded by a beautiful English garden (140 hectares).

Babolna stud farm

Your English/German speaking guide will show you around the famous Babolna stud farm, where you will see some exceptional horses famous all over the world. This farm has been devoted to breeding and developing Arabian horses for as long as nearly two hundred years. With nearly 268 horses, 19 stallion and 51 breeding mares. In the breeding of pure-breed arabian horses the egyptian pure-breed horses are considered an exceptional asset. In the stud-farm, the breeding of English Thoroughbred is on going for almost forty years.

You will also see a carriage and equestrian museum on this tour as well as the elegant main building which was built in the 18 century.

After the tour you will be able to visit the beautiful arboretum nearby opened in 1965. Here guests can admire 335 deciduous and 156 evergreen trees and shrubs. The arboretum shows a different sight every season.

Tour cost with transport from Budapest with guided tour of the farm and its museums, plus arboretum visit:

65 €/person.

Private tour cost: 195 €/car