Parachuting in Hungary

Except for winter you get much better clearer skies over Hungary compared to the UK and Northern Europe. This is due to the warm dry air that builds up in the Carpathian basin, the bulk of which is Hungary. These conditions mean it is ideal for parachuting with the weather perfect over the drop-zones the majority of the time. Training is available for all the parachuting techniques: static line, tandem and accelerated free fall and certain places offer wing suits. 

Tandem jump with experienced instructor is also available throughout the country in which case the student is attached to an instructor with a special harness. With the tandem teams we are having contact with this is what you will experience:

After your formal safety lesson with an experienced instructor which is about 20 minute, you will then be ready to take to the skies. The instructor will fit on your jumpsuit, head gear, goggles (suitable for contact lenses/glasses), gloves and harness. Once aboard our aircraft you will be securely harnessed to your Instructor as you ride up the skies.

Once at altitude of 4000 metres and get the green light for ‘GO!’ you will experience the most exhilarating, adrenaline pumping moment of your life as you and your instructor edge towards the door and your ears are filled with the rush of air. As you exit the aircraft you will experience speeds of 120mph as the adrenaline rushes over you. As the large canopy unfolds, you will become aware of the sudden tranquility allowing you to talk with your instructor and take in the beautiful scenery during the parachute ride lasting up to 5 minutes. 

Fill in form through our website to apply for the jump or write to us to to enquire.

Parachuting in Hungary