Castle tours with knight tournament in Hungary

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With this tour our aim is to introduce you to our history through visiting one of the Hungarian castles to be part of the castle festivities while showing you the countryside and our traditions with an option of a carriage ride.

First you will be able to explore the magnificent castle it self then admire the skills of Knights and their horses with graceful movements during the castle games followed by a medieval feast. This generally means dining without knives and a forks. 

Transport is available from Budapest all year around, Wednesdays and Saturdays to the Castle of Sumeg, during summer every day. It is considered to be Hungary's most well-preserved fortresses built in the 13th century. It is about 2 hours drive away from Budapest in the Bakony hills. 

We organise tours not only to Sumeg Castle but to several other castles within Hungary.

Castle games with medieval feast entrance ticket: 25€/person

Castle of Sumeg tour 155 €/car

Castle of Visegrad tour: 110 €/car 

Castle of Eger tour: 145 €/car

The beautiful Visegrad castle is about 45 minutes drive from Budapest by the River Danube with breathtaking views.

Eger castle is about 1 hour drive from Budapest we recommend this tour to be combined with wine tasting.