Accommodation in Northern Great Plain

The Northern Great Plain is full of well-preserved villages, abundant folk art and thermal baths. Most hotels in the region have wellness and spa sections. For ideas on what to see and do in the region click the links below, to see our favourite selection of accommodation in the area scroll down and click on the pictures.

We are organising tailor made tours to this region:

In the centre of this region is Debrecen with its vivid cultural and scientific life. This town is also a religious centre often referred to as the "Calvinist Rome" because of its role played in the Hungarian Reformation in the 16th century. The larges Calvinist church of the country, the Great Church of Debrecen with its 3000 seats became the symbol of the town. The Aquatica of Debrecen is a real Mediterranean island in the Nagyerdő area. It also has thermal and medicinal complex with a huge variety of treatments and packages.

The other important town of the region is Nyíregyháza the seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county is one of the most dynamically developing towns of Hungary. The town has a relaxed atmosphere and some nice buildings like the town hall on Kossuth Square, or the Baroque Lutheran church. A recreational oasis at Sóstó Lake offers plenty of attractions and things to do: bathing and rowing on the salt lake, wellness and spa in one of the superb baths, the game reserve is the second largest of Hungary after the Budapest Zoo. The Aquarius Aquapark which is a new bath complex with countless fun elements, wellness and health care services is another great place to visit.áza

Hajdúszoboszló has developed into a bath capital of the Northern Great Plain where you can cure your aching joints or just relax. Besides the numerous thermal hotels, the Aquapark attracts the most visitors.

Northern Great Plain is abundant in delicious fruits and vegetables. The Pálinka authentic Hungarian fruit brandy is made from the fragrant Szatmári plum, and from apples in Szabolcs.

There are some dessert specialities of the region as well, such as the Golden dumpling (aranygaluska with plum jam filling) and the Hortobágyi palacsinta a savoury pancake filled with some kind of paprikás stew and topped with paprika sauce you can have these in any csárda (traditional Hungarian  restaurant).

Szolnok the county seat of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county stands at the meeting point of the rivers Tisza and Zagyva. You can see the town's most captivating scenery on a walk on the promenade along the Tisza.


Accommodation in Northern Great Plain