Visitors always surprised by the diverse range of things to do in Hungary. We have tried to capture the best of these in this website to help out future tourists and have been assisted in this task by friends and family, many thanks to them all! 

Using the map will help you to see the different places and activities with hotel recommendations in the nearby area. Consequently this site is the definitive, easy to use, source of information for what to see and do in Hungary. The website is a helpful guide for anyone visiting the country and may also help the Hungarians themselves in finding out what's on across their country. 

Since we have the local knowledge of the places as well as the language plus long term relationship with our partners we can organise any tour while you are in Hungary. Just send us an email to: contact@undiscoveredhungary.com or fill in one of the forms on our website.

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Note that all bookings made via our website are with the respective partners such as booking.com, hostel world, Hungarian rail and various attractions. Consequently these bookings are subject to their terms and conditions with respect to payment. Our accommodation partners offer the most competitive prices and up to date status on availability, we have selected the best of their offerings to feature in our website.

Finally see what one of our happy customers had to say about her tour in Hungary:

This was our first trip to Hungary, but now we know what lies just 2.5 hours away we will definitely be back for more.
Travelling with 2 children can be challenging to ensure everyone is having a good time but we needn't have worried as the itinerary that Undiscovered Hungary put together catered well for everyone. I can't believe how much we fitted in!
From amazing horse shows (how do they train them!?!) to beautiful long outdoor lunches with delicious food and lovely weather (we went in April), rustic farms, horse riding, castles & citadels, the zoo and shopping along with the natural thermal baths and beautiful Budapest itself.
Travel was easy with the reliable companies you put in place and every detail was considered for the ages of the children and car seats so we could relax and enjoy the scenery.

Aquaworld hotel was also perfect with great spa treatments and just outside the city, with so many indoor & outdoor pools of all different temperatures, it was fun swapping between them and ideal to sit and chill after a day's exploring, whilst the kids used the hotels indoor play or water slides.

Thank you for such a wonderful time. We will be visiting again soon and booking through you for more adventures.