Mohacs, Southern Transdanubia

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 A historical town in Southern Transdanubia by the River Danube.

The Battle of Mohacs was fought on 29 August 1526 near Mohacs and was a decisive event for the history of Europe, in particular Central Europe, for the following centuries. In the battle, forces of the Kingdom of Hungary led by Louis II were defeated by forces of the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the Magnificent.

The Ottoman victory led to the partition of Hungary for several centuries between the Ottoman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Principality of Transylvania. The death of Louis II as he fled the battle marked the end of the Jagiellon dynasty in Hungary and Bohemia, whose dynastic claims passed to the House of Habsburg. 

The town has a very famous celebration called the Busojaras = Marching of the Monsters, held during the Carnival season in February. During the 6 day long festivity people wear traditional masks made of willow-tree, fur coats and trousers stuffed with straw. The celebration starts with gun fire when all different Buso groups meet on the main square called Kolo square followed by dance and bonfire.

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