Vineyard Getaway in January on Vince day

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Be part of a week full of wine, festivities and celebrating Vince day every January. 

Visitors have the choice to choose from several programmes:

Barrel tasting and wine dinner in Villany (Southern Transdanubia) or around Lake Balaton or around Budapest.

In Hungary not only birthdays but namedays are celebrated too, hence the celebration of Vince's name day. 

These days are usually associated with a patron or an important figure of Christianity. On Vince day – 22nd January – Saint Vincent is remembered, a martyr from the Iberic peninsula, who was executed under Emperor Diocletianus in the 3rd century. According to legend, after being martyred ravens protected St. Vincent’s body from being devoured by vultures, until his followers could recover the body.

After his death his coat was kept in France, thus his cult started here, and the etimology of his name is part of his popularity: vin-cent is „hundred wine” in French. He is said to be patron of wine and if a vine cut on his name day sprouts, it anticipates a good wintage. Winery workers, vintners traditionally got rather drunk on this day visiting each others winery and tasting continuosly while asking God’s blessing on the vintage. 

Nowadays around Vince day a whole weekend is dedicated to vineyard tours and winery visits. 

We are organising tours for this occasion to Villany (Southern Hungary), to Balatonfured by Lake Balaton and to the nearby wineries around Budapest.

Villany 2 day tour with wine tasting and hotel: 300 €/car

Around Budapest wine tasting at 3 wineries 55 €/person

Balatonfured by Lake Balaton with wine tasting: 230 €/car