Caving in Hungary

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Only a few people are aware of the fact that hot water rushing up from deep underground has created not only thermal baths but huge cave systems too.

We organise caving tours not only in Budapest but to other parts of the country, such as the northern Lake Balaton region, the Bakony hills, to the Southern Hungarian Abaliget Cave and of course to the UNESCO world heritage sight of Aggtelek Caves.

Among the numerous caves of Budapest only two can be visited.

The museum-like Szemlo-hegyi cave has a concrete path accessable even by wheelchair, and it is lit by artificial light. There is a 35-minutes long guided tour in the cave suitable for children over 6 and for the elderly.

The other cave is the 30.1 km long Pal-Volgyi cave system – the longest in Hungary. The cave is a real multi-level labyrinth system with most of its chambers under the residental districts of Budapest. 

This cave system offers two types of tours:
The 45–minutes long easy walk, built with artificial footway and lighting suitable for children and elderly people too.

And the adventurous climbing-crawling tour for the courageous once, since this section of the cave system is left in its natural state. During the 2.5-3 hrs long tours you will often have to climb on walls and crawl through narrow passages so you have to be prepared for adventure but you don't need to have previous caving experience. You will be provided with caving equipment (overall, helmet and light). 

We are organising tours to some other caves of the Northern Lake Balaton region by Balatonederics combined with sightseeing and wine tasting upon request as well as to the Bakony region to Szentgal.

Transport to and from your Budapest accommodation with private driver: 

98-143 €/car for 1-4 people. Exact price depending on the destination.

Easy caving cost: 1400 HUF/person = 5 €/person

Harder level of  2.5 hours caving cost: 5500 HUF/person = 20 €/person

Write to us to if you have any questions or would like to book a caving tour.