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Grassalkovich Palace, Gödöllő (near Budapest)

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Grassalkovich Palace in Gödöllő is an imperial and royal palace in Pest County, central Hungary. It was built in baroque style and was the favourite place of queen Elisabeth of Hungary (Sissi).

The palace is one of the most important and largest monuments of Hungarian palace architecture. Its builder, Count Antal Grassalkovich (1694–1771) was a typical figure of the regrouping Hungarian aristocracy of the 18th century. The construction began around 1733, under the direction of András Mayerhoffer (1690–1771) a Salzburg builder.

The palace has a double U shape, and is surrounded by an enormous park. The building underwent several enlargements and modifications during the 18th century. By then the building had 8 wings, and - beside the residential part - it contained a church, a theatre, a riding-hall, a hothouse, a greenhouse for flowers and an orangery.

After the male side of the Grassalkovich family died out in 1841, the palace had several owners, and in 1867 it was bought for the crown. Francis Joseph (1867–1916) and later Charles IV and the royal family spent several months in Gödöllő every year.

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